Episode 16: How do I save a search and create an alert?


Once you have performed a search, you may want to save it for future use – re-running it in the future to check for new results. Saving a search is also useful if you want to set up an alert.

Connect to findit.lu and perform a search from within the portal (see Episode 5: “Quick Sets – How to search within pre-defined groups of databases? or Episode 12: “How to search a database via findit.lu”  for detailed information).

Once you have a list of results from your search, click on “MetaSearch” in the menu.
If you want to know more about “MetaSearch” options, have a look at Episode 15: “MetaSearch”.

Then click on “Previous Searches” in the sub-menu.

The “Previous Searches” screen displays all the searches you have done during your current connection to the portal. If you already performed some searches before, there will be more than one entry in the list. To save your search, click on the plus sign.

The plus sign will turn grey and it will have a small blue arrow on it.

Your search will be saved in your “My Space” area under “History”.

From here, it is possible to create an alert using these search terms that can be run at a specified interval and will notify you, via e-mail, of any new results. To do so, click on the bell icon. The “Add Alert” screen will display:

Here you can specify the name for your alert, the e-mail address to be notified, whether or not you want an e-mail even if there are no new results, and the frequency of the notification. When you have completed the information, click on the “Save” button.

The system will notify you that the alert has been saved. Once saved, you can modify (pen icon) or delete (crossed out bell icon) the alert by using the appropriate icon in the Actions column. The saved search can be deleted with the X icon.

In episode 17 we will have a look at reference management tools and how they can help you improving your search.

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