Episode 14: How do I build my own personalized list of databases, a QuickSet?


In one of the previous episodes (Episode 5: “How to search several databases with QuickSets”) we learned how to search using QuickSets; this time we will learn how to create our own personalized QuickSets that we can use for searching.
Personal QuickSets can be very useful if you want to search a specific set of databases regularly. You can create several QuickSets for different subjects and they will be saved in your personal settings, so you only have to create them once.

First, connect to findit.lu. Since the databases that can be searched in this way are locked until login, it is best if we login right away by clicking on the padlock in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Creating and using your own QuickSet consists of three steps:

  1. Locating the desired databases and adding them to MySpace, your personalized space within the portal.
  2. Creating a new QuickSet.
  3. Using your new QuickSet for searching.

Starting at step 1, if you have been following our how-to series, locating your desired databases should be easy – otherwise check Episode 4: “How to find a database by name:

  • Click on “Find Database”;
  • Find a database either by searching for it or by browsing the A-Z List.

Now, to add the database to your “My Space” area, click on the plus sign under the actions column of the database. For example, I will add “SAGE Journals Online” and “Science Direct (Elsevier)” to my list of databases.


The plus signs will turn grey and they will have a small blue arrow on them.


Now, click on “My Space” in the menu and then on “My Databases” in the sub-menu. You will see that you have your selected databases in the list entitled “Clipboard”.

Step 2 involves creating a QuickSet. To do this, click on the “Create New Set” icon on the left-hand side of the screen.


A window will display where you can enter the name and description of your new QuickSet.

The set name is required so, enter at least a name and click on the “Save” button. Your new set will appear in the “Select set:” drop-down list. Select your new, still empty set. In the next step we will populate it with databases.

Now you are ready to add databases to your new set. In the “Clipboard” list, you will see, for each item, an icon with an arrow pointing to the left. Clicking on this arrow will copy the database from your Clipboard list on the right to your new QuickSet on the left-hand side of the screen. All databases that appear on the left are included in the new set and do need further saving.

If you want to add more databases which are not yet in your Clipboard, return to the “Find Database” screen and re-do the steps above. You can add as many databases as you would like.

Now that you have created the QuickSet, if you return back to the “QuickSearch” screen, you will see the set you have created and you can now use it for searching. It will now be your default setting for Quick Searches provided that you’re logged in.
Please remember that you have to login to use your personal QuickSets.

Simply repeat these steps to create more than one QuickSet.

If you want to do a more specific search as the QuickSearch interface allows, please use MetaSearch in combination with your QuickSet: Episode 15 “MetaSearch”.

Also relevant is Episode 16: How do I save a search and create an alert? Please note that you can also save searches resulting from QuickSets.

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