Episode 12: How do I search in a database directly from within findit.lu?


This episode will provide insights into how to search within a particular database using the portal’s search engine. One immediate question you have might be “why would I want to do this? Why not just search the database itself?”.
In fact, this functionality can be useful in order to store references or journals from any database in one single place. Let’s think of doing searches within several databases with one request or getting automatic reminders as soon as a new search result, suiting your interests, will be available.
We will look at that aspect in more detail in the Episodes 15 “MetaSearch” and 16 “Creating search alerts”.

First, connect to findit.lu.

Once you put the portal into the language of your choice, click on the “Find Database” menu option. Let’s say that you would like to search in the “Wiley Online Library”. Click on “W” in the A-Z List.

Although we can see “Wiley Online Library” in the list and it is marked as “Searchable”, we can also see that it is locked and therefore we can’t search it from within the portal until we login. Click on the in the top right-hand corner to login.

Now that we have logged in, we see a few changes:

  • The yellow padlock next to “Wiley Online Library” has disappeared. This means we now have access;
  • The action icons have changed. We can now search in this database or add this database to our personal list (more on that in Episode 14: “Creating personal QuickSets”).

To search in the Wiley Online Library, click on the magnifying glass icon. You will be presented with the “Search in Database” screen.

As you can see, from this screen, you are searching only the “Wiley Online Library”.

Enter your search terms and click on the “Go” button. Note that you are searching on “All Fields” by default. You can also search on Subject, Title, Author, ISSN, ISBN or Year by clicking on the drop down list where “All Fields” is displayed.

But for now, back to our search. Once you click on the “Go” button, you will see a screen showing you the progress of your search:

And then, your search results are automatically displayed:


From this screen, you can click on the title to see its details or click on the findit.lu-button (more information on the findit.lu-button in Episode 6 “How to access an article – the findit.lu button”) to have the system search for the full text of the entry.

In Episode 13, we will look how to improve your search with some hints on phrasing search terms.

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