Episode 9: How to find an eBook by name, author or ISBN?


Let’s resume: In the last episodes we already described how to search for different databases (Episode 4 and Episode 7) and for e-journals (Episode 8: “How to find e-journals?”).

Since November 2012 we offer the new e-Book-search!
All e-Books which you will find in the e-Book-search at findit.lu will provide full-text access for you. That means, you can read the complete book whenever you want. In most cases you will also have the possibility to download the e-Book, per chapter or completely.

In this lesson we will locate an e-Book by its name, author or ISBN. Searching for e-Books by name is almost identical to searching by e-journals which we saw in our last installment.

First, connect to findit.lu.

Once you put the portal into the language of your choice (I will use English), you will see a menu in the top-left hand side of the screen:

Click on the “Find e-Book” menu option:

Next, enter the beginning of a book title (notice the ‘Starts with’ option), for example, ‘History of…’. You will see that the system provides you with a list of possible matches as you type:


Choose the entry you want and click the “Go” button. The system will show you an alphabetical list starting from the name you chose:

If however, you don’t know the exact name of the book, enter the part of the name that you do know, choose the ‘Contains’ option and click on the “Go” button. The system will now present a list of all the book titles which contain the word (or part word) that you entered:

To go to this book, click on the findit.lu- button. The system will display a list of access options which you can click on to get access to your chosen book. Remember to allow pop-up windows in your browser.


How to find an e-Book by ISBN?

Often you might also know the ISBN of the specific e-Book  you are searching for. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a standardized international code which allows the identification of any book-publication, including electronic books.
Let’s say I would like to get access to the following book:

Ragnar Stefánsson: “Advances in Earthquake Prediction: Research and Risk Mitigation”, 2011
ISBN: 3540475699

Since I know the ISBN it will be very easy for us to find it since it is unique for each book.
Let’s stay at the “find e-Book”-area and type the ISBN into the provided field “ISBN” and click the “Go”-button.

You will see that there is only the book we searched for within our result list. Click on the findit.lu-button to get bibliographic information and to see how we can access the book.

Alternatively, you can also search by the author’s name of a book. Simply type in the name of the author into the provided fields (only the last name is required) and click the “Go”-button. All available books written by this author will be displayed within the result list.
Remember: If your wanted author’s last name is very common (like: Smith, Williams, Johnson, etc.) we recommend adding his/her first name as well.

If you just want to see which e-Books we have from a specific publisher, select the publisher and click “Go”.

Enjoy exploring!

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