Episode 7: Exploring databases subject or type


In some cases you might don’t know the name of a specific database, but you would like get an overview of suiting databases to your subject. Read the following episode to learn how to find a database by subject or publisher.

Let’s stay in the “Find Database”-area.

We will start with searching databases by subject. In Episode 4: Find a database (alphabetical list or by name) we searched within the Title-tab, now click on the “Category” tab. Here you are presented with a list of categories or subjects.

Let’s say we would like to see all databases that contain resources on “Law”. First, click on “300-Social Sciences” in the Category list. The list of sub-categories will change and you will see “340-Law(xx)” is in the list. The number in parentheses after the sub-category is the number of resources available in the sub-category.

The categories of databases are using the first and second categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification system (DDC).
More information on DDC, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewey_Decimal_Classification.
For a list of subjects in the first two sub-categories: http://www.oclc.org/dewey/resources/summaries/#ten


After selecting a sub-category, click on the “Go” button. The system will display a list of resources for your selected subject sorted from A to Z.


Click on the resource name to be connected to it. You can also view information about the resource by clicking on the i-icon in the “Actions” column. A separate window will open providing details about the database.


If you would like to do an advanced search for databases, please choose the “Locate”-tab within the “Find Database”-menu.

Let’s say that you would like to find all databases which contain natural scientific content and which are searchable via findit.lu.


Choose the category “Natural sciences + mathematics” within the Category-field and “Searchable” within the Type-field and click the “Go”-button. The system will display a list of searchable resources for your selected subject sorted from A to Z.
Besides searching for category and type you can also search for a specific vendor (e.g. Thomson, Elsevier, Ebsco), the title of the databases or any word within the description of a database in combination.

Next up is Episode 8: How do I find a journal by name, subject or ISSN?

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